Thermal Simulations - Experiment with Different Design Solutions & Costs Before you Build

A  House  "System"

There are  a number of parameters or variables that can be investigated to simulate how a house will perform thermally:

Summary Sheet: Run Comparison
  • Window R-values and SHGC
  • Insulation R-values, Infiltration, Air Changes/Hour (ACPH)
  • Site Orientation, Number of Degree Days
  • Amount and Location of Glazing
  • Thermal Mass - Type and Amount inside House

Our Thermal Simulations compare different designs known as "runs" and then quantitatively and graphically tracks the change in performance.

Design Analysis 

Detail Sheet for a Specific Run
A summary sheet or "Run Comparison" is prepared that graphically represents the relative change in performance of the differnt design decisions. A number of performance metrics are used.

A "Detail Sheet" with all the specific run data is created for each design. The Details Sheet records all the relevant design decisions; graphs the 24-hour termperature and heat flow (Q) data, and tracks the changes in a critical set of  metrics.

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