Green Remodel - A  Case  Study

1950's tract home remodel - energy efficient, healthy and affordable 

Original Design from 1950's

Southern Exposure - Demo fireplace, wall

Southern Exposure - Remodeled

Completed Remodel - Front

above photo courtesy of Emily Hagopian Essential Images,

Project Background

"This home is an excellent example of what can be done to improve the comfort, energy efficiency and indoor air quality of an aging San Roque tract home. Built in the early 1950’s, this home was originally constructed without any insulation, making it extremely warm in the summer and cold in the winter. Construction techniques at the time did not reduce the potential for moisture problems down the road which, along with the notorious San Roque clay soils, resulted in a number of water intrusion issues that needed to be addressed.

The owners, who have a strong respect and appreciation for the environment and see themselves as “early adopters” of green building technologies, were very motivated to explore creative solutions to these problems. Conserving energy was an important goal. A desire to protect the health of their two small children also played a significant role in how they approached their remodeling project."

Karen Feeney, Green Resources Manager
Allen Associates

Design Analysis

In this project we used our Thermal Simulations to assess whether our current design could meet our energy efficiency expectations. We verified these simulations by using sensors to monitor the house temperature and humidity throughout the year. This project also used many Green products, achieved outstanding waste diversion results, LED lighting, used 100% of a on-site Acacia tree and many other interesting techniques and solutions. We will organize them by category allowing you to get details on what interests you most.